Who will share
your next adventure?

A friend can follow your RV adventures, but a Road Fellow makes them with you!

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What is RV Road Fellows?

RV Road Fellows is a unique service designed to connect RVers that are looking to travel together in their respective vehicles. (We wanna share the road, not our commode.)
Friends, mentors, safety... whatever your reasons, find your Road Fellows here!

See how RV Road Fellows works and all that it offers!

Make the journey better

Members gain access to features that make connecting easier!


Find people going your way by searching for adventures members have already posted or post your own! Browse through the directory to find someone interesting and plan something entirely new!


Our members can be a wealth of information. Post questions about destinations, campsites, & routes or discuss your favorite hobbies, new toys, storage solutions, or cooking implements.


Start up a private conversation with our chat feature to get better acquainted or plan your journey together.


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